With our Facebook Application, Flying Innovators, we have developed a learning-development tool for your HR Department so that you can sustainably attract top talent. The focus of this tool lies in the CSR goals of your company.

Flying Innovators will link the CSR goals of your company to the social challenges of the bottom billion, embodied in the UN Millennium Development Goals, and your company portfolio. Herewith, we can address and reduce the social challenges of the bottom billion.

We will do this together with students and recent graduates. With them, and by means of the Facebook App, we will write so-called Creating Shared Value propositions. After your approval and together with the students or recent graduates, these propositions will be implemented and tested at one of our many NGO Projects in emerging countries.

With your company’s innovative goods and/or services you can address the social challenges of the bottom billion while generating economic benefits.

This new way of achieving economic success for your company is called Shared Value and is based on the Creating Shared Value (CSV) theory of the Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter.

We will ensure that there is a direct link between the CSR activities of your organization and her core activities. At the same time, the Millennials will experience a great match between their own values and your company’s values, because they can deliver a meaningful contribution to your company; a company that highly values addressing social challenges of the bottom billion.


  • Recruit top talent for a long term period
  • Ensure a match between the Millennials and Generation Y and your company’s values
  • Generate more publicity for awareness of your company’s CSR initiatives among the Millennials and Generation Y (Employer Branding)
  • Generate more publicity for your company portfolio: how your company’s products and services will be used to address and reduce the social challenges of the bottom billion (Employer Branding)
  • Help with the transition from CSR to CSV

By developing CSV propositions and if desired implementing them at one of our many NGO projects in emerging countries with top talents or by implementing them with our top talents internally on your own NGO-projects, your company will address the social challenges that follows from your current CSR policy.

  • A direct link between your CSR budget and the core activities of your business to create new economic value for your company

The new product or service that we incorporate in our CSV proposition, will be connected to your current products or services within your company portfolio, which will result in new, long term, benefits.

  • Branding your companies (new) CSV policy with regard to the return on investment during the 3 months at one of our NGO projects through our Facebook Application.
  • Bring the focus of your Innovations Department to the social challenges of the bottom billion

Herewith, your company can develop sustainable business activities aimed at long term profits.

  • Save on research and development costs in the implementation and testing of the CSV proposition at an NGO project in an emerging country

By using students for the implementation of the CSV proposition, you can save remarkably on your research and development costs. The new service that we create with your CSV proposition, which will be connected to your existing goods and services, will be tested and further developed at the NGO project. Therefore, your company can save costs by using students instead of your company’s employees.


  • First, go to our Facebook Application, by clicking the button: “Facebook Application”, below on this page.
  • You will now be on the business entry of our Facebook Application.
  • Scroll completely down now.
  • And fill in the form for your company. You can let us know which social challenges (encapsulated in the Millennium Development Goals), are important based on your current CSR policy
  • Through the same form, you can let us know for which products and/or services within your portfolio you want to investigate the opportunities to create Shared Value
  • After that, we will discuss with you the social challenges in relation to the opportunities to create Shared Value for your portfolio and we will further elaborate upon our way of working
  • As soon as we have your company’s approval, Flying Innovators will write a CSV proposal for your company. Through our App, we will promote this proposal among students and recent graduates, who can support your proposal or will get the tools to amend the proposal based on your criteria.
  • Finally, we will present the best CSV proposals to you and you can decide whether you want to implement the proposals internally or with us and the students who have worked on the proposal. If you opt for the latter, we will enter into the implementation stage.


Imagine the following: company X is active in healthcare and sells a variety of products worldwide. Company X has just introduced her newest product on the Dutch market, making Company X the leading company on the Dutch market.

The new product is a tablet with an ultrasound system, through which sonographic photos can be taken. A combination of portability, quality and simplicity in its use, ensures that healthcare professionals can easily use the system at all kinds of locations.

The tablet relieves radiology departments in Dutch hospitals, because the doctor can take sonographic photos at home when (s)he conducts client visits, while the patient does not have to go to the hospital for these sonographic photos.

One of the core aims of Company X’ CSR policy is to improve the quality of life of people in emerging countries by developing products and programs to treat people.

In general doctors who are working on healthcare projects of NGOs in emerging countries loose one day on average by reaching out to people in small villages to inform them about the possibilities to visit their healthcare project for the necessary medical care.

Flying Innovators can create a new service for Company X, which can be connected to the ultrasound tablet. This new service can include a training that will be given to certain people within the local community so that they can be deployed within the healthcare system and take sonographic images of pregnant women.

This new service ensures that doctors have more time to work on the healthcare project itself, as their time spent on reaching out to people in small villages will be brought down dramatically. Additionally, the threshold to visit a healthcare project will be lowered, while the tablet’s cloudfunction can store electronic patient files. And in the future, Company X can sell the tablet, as well as the service, to NGO projects facing similar problems, which will eventually create economic benefits for Company X.

Flying Innovators develops a CSV proposal for your organization that can be supported by students or they can create an alternative CSV proposal themselves. Subsequently, your company can either implement the CSV proposal itself or continue with Flying Innovators for the implementation of the proposal. Flying Innovators will implement the proposal with the help of students at one of the many NGO projects (e.g. one that fits within your company’s strategy) in an emerging country

Flying Innovators connects your company’s CSR goals with the social challenges of the bottom billion and your company’s portfolio. By implementing this new service, we will address and reduce the social challenges of the bottom billion and at the same time we create new sustainable ways for economic success for your company.


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