Making a difference by bringing together the supply of the businesses with the demand of the bottom billion to create shared value

Flying Innovators improves the quality of life of the bottom billion through innovative goods and services from the world’s best companies. In close collaboration with talented students we address and reduce the social challenges of the bottom billion , formulated as the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. As a result these companies find new ways for economic success , students develop their talents and NGOs can scale there missions. This way the created shared value has the greatest possible impact for the bottom billion.


In 2025 Flying Innovators will be the missing link between businesses and NGOs, because shared value will be vertically be integrated in companies their businessmodels to solve the social challenges of the bottom billion to make more profits.

Flying Innovators pursues to be the missing link between business and NGOs. Our goal is that in 2025 our platform will serve as an extension of the UN Millennium Development Declaration, the Millennium Development Goals are achieved through the resources of the world’s best companies and the expertise of talented students from anywhere over the world. In 2025, shared value is integrated vertically within companies their business model. In 2025 , we believe that companies no longer see these social challenges as a threat to their profits , but as opportunities to improve their profits.

Our Partners

In collaboration with AIESEC and Doingoood we have thousands of projects across 125 countries around the world to create for businesses Shared Value.

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