In collaboration with students and recent graduates we will address and reduce the social challenges of the bottom billion, as formulated in the Millenium Development Declaration of the United Nations, with companies their innovative goods and services.

We will effectuate this by writing a CSV propasal for companies. For this CSV proposal we have been researching the best way to create shared value for one of their product or service in their portfolio. By doing so companies are able to tackle the social challenges of the bottom billion with a new product or service and simultaneously making profits with it.

When a company choose to implement the CSV proposal by students, who have well motivated supported our CSV proposal or who have written their own CSV proposal. The next step will be to evaluate all the CSV proposals with the concerning company. It will be up to the company to implement the winning CSV-proposal on one of their own NGO-projects with the involved student(s) or together with us on one of our many NGO projects in emerging countries with the involved student(s).

Therefore check for yourself, for which CSV proposal of the mentioned companies in our Facebook Application you want to be involved in and support our CSV proposal by signing up. In case you think you can do better as us, please amaze us with your creativity and intellect. This is always in your favor. Because companies are constantly looking for ambitious, intelligent and creative people who aren’t afraid to take the lead. And how cool will it be to implement your own CSV proposal on a NGO project abroad. Of course you will get all the support needed from the Flying Innovators team. We are here to guide you during this experience. So don’t wait any longer and go to our Facebook Application and sign up for one of the projects!

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